International Society for Environmental Sciences (ISES) is a science-based non profit organization for individuals, institutions and companies, who and which are working in the field of fundamental and applied research on the cutting edge of environmental science around the world. The ISES is dedicated to furthering the objectives of the environmental sustainability by serving international conferences, workshops and symposiums for scientific community and public. The ISES aims to deepen the scientific dialogue between members, leading scientists, engineers, government and industry representatives, it converge people from a broad range of disciplines with mutual interests to exchange ideas, professional experiences in environmental science and technology field.

The ISES members include technical specialists and professionals working closely with government, institutes and industry, who are dedicated in all aspects of environmental protection. At ISES event, members come together and discuss their latest research results, technological developments, market opportunities and policies on environmental protection and sustainability.

The ISES helps its members success at their professions, gives scientific advice for governments and public worldwide.

The general goals of the ISES are:

§   Establishing a healthy communicating platform for the scientists and public.

§   Organizing international meetingworkshop and symposia.

§   Assisting the integration of technology and equipment between environmental science and the others disciplines.

The general subjects of the ISES are:

§   Resources Rational Allocation and Utilization.

§   Environmental Pollution Control.

§   Environmental Function Recovery.

§   Waste Reuse and Safety Evaluation.

§   Innovative of Instruments and Methods.